6 tribes for building a life full of potential

2015 has been an amazing year for me.   I've meet some awesome people, set up two new businesses, written my first blog post 5 years in the making (with more to follow!), gone on two microadventures - one of which involved being circled in the night by horses, supported friends with their start ups, started to 'find myself' (hoping to find the rest soon) and pushed myself out of my comfort zone.   And I'm 100% sure this wouldn't all have happened had I not gone out of my way to find like-minded people.

This time last year I was a few months post-redundency and had closed my first business, with a new one on the cards.  I decided to take a leap into the unknown by heading to my first ever festival.  It happened to be in the woods with 80 odd strangers wanting to do something different with their lives.

While looking back on my woodland escape over the proceeding weeks I knew something was missing from my life.  I'd had a taste of the inspiration, support, accountability, motivation and the huge feeling of - this is possible - from meeting people with the same outlook, and I wanted more. 

I was looking for adventure and to think differently about life, work and business.  And to get more of the serendipity that comes from people who are on the same path as you, or already living life differently, is priceless.  So over the past year I've sought out, journeyed, escaped and read with some amazing people.  If you're looking for something more in your life, a great place to start is finding some comrades.

So here's a quick run down of my top 6 awesome tribes to find people doing things differently.


1. The Escape School - Tribes & Escape to the Woods festival

3 month tribes to help you Escape or Start Up, these guys have great connections and an easily accessibly City base.  Or if you fancy getting out of the big smoke, based within an hour of London, but a surprise location each year, this festival is not to be missed.  Hear inspiring tales from a great range of speakers covering adventure, entrepreneurship, career change and personal growth, as well as your fellow escapees journeys and you'll be surprised what connections you make.


2. Tribe Wanted - Bali, Pupa New Guinea, Umbria & Sierra Leone

If you need to escape your current surroundings hop on over to one of Tribe Wanted's communities to work on your start up, help out your fellow tribers and get stuck into the local community.  A change of scenery is as good as a break, so why not mix things up a bit.


3. Project Awesome - London + a Bristol special (tomorrow)

Getting fit doesn't have to be boring, and it sure isn't with Danny Boy Bent at the helm.  Would you rather start your morning with; a long lay in or getting up for a 6:30am start with a group of colourful, fun and energetic people using London's landscape as their free gym? .. see you at 6:30 sharp!


4. 1 Year In - Start up support

Launching this coming January, hear from successful entrepreneurs who are just 12 months further down their journey than you - their stories are far more relateable and relevant to where you are now than hearing from a millionaire.  Why not kick-off your 2016 with a group of passionate entrepreneurs determined to realise their potential?


5. Say Yes More - Yestival

Good things only happen when you say Yes - so saying it more has a definite bonus.  Dave Cornwaite has been gathering intrepid people like you and me to say yes to a whole host of adventures since 2005.  His latest project is Yestival - kicking off this Friday!! They still have tickets available so make sure you get down there to experience the consequences of Yes.


6. Rebel Book Club - london

If you find yourself reading non-fiction and wanting to put some new ideas into action this is the book club for you.  A wonderful range of people on a variety of journeys with a love of reading and making progress.  Oh, and there's a signature cocktail each month - what more could you want?!


Plus some worthy mentions to NOI club, Hucktletree, WeWork and Timberyard for creating welcoming and vibrant communities of people doing things a bit differently.

Would love to hear of any more awesome tribes. Please comment below!

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