I’m cycling home for Christmas - and would love you to join me

As my taste for adventure grows I’m keen to combine it with my love of cycling.

I find walking too slow for my liking and I’ve never been much of a runner so cycling fits me perfectly. It’s arguably the most efficient form of transport, saves the environment and burns fat. Plus I find it the perfect speed: quick enough to cover distance and reach your destination without taking all week, but slow enough to really absorb your surroundings, appreciate the scenery and stop for a chat and cake when you stumble across some lovely friendly people.

And so with the microadventure mindset of fitting in little bits of adventure where you can, I’m making plans for my break over the holidays. As the song goes, driving home for Christmas is marred by tail backs and red break lights but the idea of travelling home for Christmas is full of anticipation and joy as you long to see your loved ones. Walking home is a romantic idea and up until recently I’d never though anyone would actually do it. It’s just one of those things where you’d automatically say - “why?!” - particularly when it’s cold outside. But I’m starting to find that those things which on the face of them seem like silly ideas that no one in their right mind usually considers, are the best. The little opportunities to do something different, see the world from another point of view and discover something new.

Wondering what it might be like to walk home for Christmas? Check out Al’s journey.

My plan is simple. I’m cycling from South West London up to Newmarket (around 85 miles) on Thursday 24th December. I reckon my average speed is likely to be around 10miles an hour and allowing for plenty of stops, it should take me around 10 hours. I’ll set off around 5am and will tweet updates along the journey.

My friend Rowan who is a great source of advice for kit is sorting me out with some suitable accessories to make my journey more comfortable. Keeping warm will be pretty essential, despite the unusually warm weather for this time of year I do get cold easily and will not get very far if I can’t stay warm.

Of course, no cycle journey is complete without cake and an oversupply of food. In the days leading up to the ride I’ll be making the most of this season’s delights courtesy of From the Ground Up, my local organic veg box scheme. I’ll try to post some recipes before I go in case anyone fancies having a go themselves.

If you’ll be in the area on the 24th please do contact me via @Fiona_lq so we can meet up and travel a section together. If you do your own non-motorised journey home for Christmas I’d love to hear about it.


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