About #TakeAction Coaching

This exclusive 9 week programme brings together a focus on creating financial sustainability in your business while supporting the lifestyle you want to create. We'll work on your foundations of confidence and resilience to keep you moving forward, uncover where your opportunities lie and you'll start implementing an action plan to get you moving towards your goals.

You will gain:

  • Clarity and focus on where new opportunities lie in your business
  • Support to build your confidence and launch a new revenue stream
  • Accountability to help you move towards financial sustainability

    Creating new opportunities

    If you feel like you're capable of more than you're currently achieving, you're right.  We all have areas of our businesses that we'd love to explore more, new opportunities we can develop or achievements we want to go after.

    And whether you want to build a simple side project or a big multi-million pound empire, creating a business doesn’t have to be complicated or have a secret remedy that only the lucky few know about. In essence, it just involves you being consistent at something and persistently asking for what you need. It’s really that simple.  From these three things grows everything else; skill, authenticity, collaboration, a community/tribe and success (however you define it).

    While it's simple in principle, it can be tough in practice and accountability is often key. Be it through a group or one-to-one coaching, being accountable to someone will help keep you on track, provide motivation and act as a sounding board.

    Don't forget, who we surround ourselves with rubs off - find someone who is positive, motivates you to achieve more and is unbiased in their feedback to help you grow your business.


    Setting your own goals

    When you move from a corporate environment to entrepreneurship it's a very different life style. There's no pressure to be in the office 9-6, you can work from wherever you like, to your own schedule and to your own brief. As such it's really helpful to set yourself some boundaries. In our one-to-one coaching sessions we'll look at everything from making sure you're working on ideas that fit the lifestyle you're trying to build, to honing your message and supporting you to reach out and form collaborations that enable your business and lifestyle to flourish.

    Top Tip: start with today

    When you take small steps forward, and do this over and over again, you'll start to see results. There's no magic recipe; when you simply add your own take, speak out consistently and reach out for help or to collaborate, you'll find opportunities will start knocking. What's that one thing you can do today that will move your business forward? (tweaking your website doesn't count!)

    Have you done that one thing that will move your business forward today? Awesome! Now it's time to spend the afternoon Stand Up Paddle Boarding down your local river. After all, it's all about living outside the box - you don't have to work until 6pm, you can choose what you do with your time.


    Benefits of #TakeAction

    • Time outside to develop new ideas
    • Increased confidence and resilience
    • Improved business model
    • Focused goals and a plan for how to achieve them
    • Accountability to keep you moving forward

    Ready to invest in yourself?

    This 9 week programme includes 13.5 hours of 1-1 coaching, 7.5 of which are spent outside.  It runs twice a year on the following dates:

    2017 Autumn Session: 9th Oct - 8th December - only 2 spots available

    2018 Spring Session: 22nd Jan - 30th March - only 2 spots available

    The schedule.

    • Week 1 : a 2.5 hour outside adventure coaching session. This will give you the space to open up to new ideas, build confidence and shake off limiting beliefs.
    • Weeks 2 - 4 : a 1 hour Skype coaching session each week breaking down where you are now, uncovering your opportunities and creating an action plan.
    • Week 5 : a 2.5 hour outside adventure coaching session. This will build resilience, drive and commitment.
    • Weeks 6-8 : a 1 hour Skype coaching session each week focusing on collaboration, consistent actions and maintaining a financial focus. 
    • Week 9 : a 2.5 hour outside adventure coaching session. This will enable you to keep striving forwards, build strategies to maintain confidence and celebrate your successes.


    *Your investment £945*


    Apply for your complimentary coaching intensive

    If you're ready to start taking action on your business let's schedule a 50 minute Skype call or in person conversation. You'll tell me where you are in your startup journey and what's going on and I'll start coaching. It's really simply.

    This is a great opportunity to experience my coaching and get some immediate feedback on what you're working on. There's no on-going commitment but if you want to continue to benefit from my coaching we can create a great support package that suits you.

    With any partnership it's important to make sure it's the right fit. This gives you the opportunity to decide if you're ready to take action through trusting and powerful dialog and confidential, candid support.

    I bring pragmatic idealism to all my coaching and believe positivity and persistent action can enable you to create the life you want.