Cycling: From school to the Mediterranean

Having not touched a bike since she was 13, four years ago Fiona fell in love with cycling again as an adult. It transformed how she viewed the world and herself. Through starting out on small rides, she grew in confidence and gained the skills that will enable her to take on a 4,000 mile expedition along the Mediterranean.

Through working as a Bikeability cycle instructor, and in supporting friends and family to get back on a bicycle, she has seen the power cycling has to ignite a spark in other people too. Cycling opens up our world. It invites us to explore beyond our front door and gives us the confidence to go further than we ever imagined possible.

Equally informative and inspirational, Fiona wants Mediterranean to ignite sparks of confidence. Adopting an adventure mindset that overcomes fear and instills a desire to spend more time outdoors exploring the world around us. Sharing stories of her own adventures and those of others who have inspired her, Fiona will engage your class in the idea of cycling adventures. She will run a practical workshop on basic bike maintenance, helping pupils feel comfortable and confident on their bikes.

During the expedition your pupils are invited to join her for the ride. Following a live tracking map and watching weekly videos, she’ll then tell all on her return. The highs, the lows and the lessons learnt.


Mediterranean 3 Part Programme


1. Introduction to cycle adventure and skills workshop

How do you travel somewhere by bike? Why on earth would you do that rather than drive or take the train? What kit do you need and how do you plan for something so big, or scale it down to something more local?

Fiona will share her approach to cycle touring and what she’s learnt from others along the way. She’ll bring her kit in to show your pupils and give them the opportunity to get hands on repairing a puncture. Through her workshop she’ll also get them thinking about their own opportunities to adventure locally this summer.

1 hour workshop and talk


2. Mediterranean live tracking map and weekly videos

Providing a positive role model for pupils to follow and engage with, Fiona will give up dates throughout her adventure.

What’s it really like to cycle day in and day out, camping along the way and, of course, eating your way through 9 different countries? Find out by tracking Fiona’s progress on her live and interactive map that will be updated with photos from each day and links to interesting destinations that she discovers along her route.

In her weekly video diary she’ll show you the stunning views and the friendly people, as well as the hard times that come with taking on a new challenge. From injury to mechanical issues, where to sleep each night and chatting to people who don’t speak the same language as you. Adventure provides plenty of opportunities to get out of your comfort zone!

9 weekly videos across April, May and June.


3. Inspiring tales from the road

Find out the stories that she didn’t share en route. Those small moments of joy, of tears and the lessons learnt. Would she do anything differently, was it harder than she thought it would be, where does she want to go next? Get the run down from Fiona in person and give your pupils the opportunity to ask those questions they’ve been saving until the end.

This is also a great time for your pupils to share with Fiona and the rest of the class their own cycle adventures since she last saw them. How did they get on? What were they struggling with? What did they absolutely love about it?

30 minute talk plus questions and discussion.


Get your pupils involved

Fiona will be delivering this 3 part Mediterranean programme to schools, starting at the end of March.

She is particularly keen to focus on engaging girls, however the programme is also open to mixed classes. If you’re a teacher, parent or school governor and would like your school to be involved, please do get in touch with Fiona directly.

Contact Fiona here.