Taking on the world's fastest growing water sport, I'll paddle almost 800 miles up the length of Britain.   In doing so I'll become not only the first woman, but the first person to SUP from Lands End to John O'Groats, championing women in adventure as I go and showing that we are at the forefront of exploration.  

But this expedition is not only about the extreme physical and mental challenge, it's equally about exploring our incredible country.   Adventure is waiting for us right here on our doorstep and as we travel Britain's coastline we'll be able to explore little known spots only accessible by water and experience our rugged and beautiful beaches from a new perspective.

In Spring 2017 I walked 993 miles over 57 days.         


In September 2017 I cycled almost 1,200 miles via London across 4 weeks. 

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In 2018 I'll do something no one has ever done before...

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Taking up to 6 months I'll paddle almost 800 miles along the British coast line and through the Caledonian Canal.

A triathlon of sorts

In 2016 I created the Cam Triathlon; to walk, cycle and SUP the River Cam. I'm not a big runner or swimmer, so I created a challenge to suit me.  Since then I've pushed myself beyond a point I ever expected.  But, completing my length of Britain triathlon of sorts with the SUP will be a whole new level of adventure for me.

It requires a much greater degree of planning; I need a support boat and team, detailed knowledge of the sea, and a far stronger determination to get through the physical and mental challenges that lay ahead.  Not least because of the tough conditions at sea, but also because I'm a bit scared of deep open water.

If I look back to the walk, the aspect I loved most was how hard it was.  Half way through I had to push on after a week on crutches due to tendonitis and I suffered from trench foot towards the end.  But amidst this I managed to up my mileage by 50% per day in order to make up time.  The walk was the hardest thing I'd ever done and in doing it it taught me that I'm made of tough stuff.  Now I'm keen to see just how far can I push myself...

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Support SUP Britain

If you love the sound of my adventure and are interested in supporting or getting involved there are lots of ways to help.


To provide kit, become an official sponsor and inspire your team, join the support crew or lend your skills, cover my story, book a talk about my world record attempt or simply donate some cake to help keep me going when things get tough, please get in touch via the Contact page.


Helping our Oceans

During the adventure I'm expecting that for around 1/3 of the 5-6 month time frame the weather will prevent me from paddling. As such I'd love to support the health of our oceans through research or engagement, particularly around plastics. If you know of a project that might fit with my adventure please do get in touch.

Why Lands End to John O'Groats?

When there's a world of warm calm seas out there, why on earth would I choose to SUP my way up the British coast? Well, Over the past 12 months I've realised just how little I knew about our own wonderful country. Britain has an incredibly diverse landscape that we rarely appreciate, and during my adventures to date it really hasn't rained that much, honest.

From the sandy coves of Cornwall to the stunning backdrop of mountains surrounding Loch Ness, my route will enable me to explore parts of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland from a completely fresh angle. To be honest, I'm a bit scared of the sea so I haven't seen much of our coastline before, and SUPing is the perfect way to discover new views - the higher perspective, in comparison to swimming or kayaking, will give me a great spot from which to take in all that our watery border has to offer.

Plus, there's the fact that having cycled and walked LEJOG, this will complete the trio making a triathlon of sorts. Essentially it's a bigger, much bigger, version of the Cam Triathlon that I made up in 2016.



Distance:   Almost 800 miles

Duration:   5-6 months

Start date:   Spring 2018

Mode of Transport:   SUP (Stand up paddle boarding)

Keeping me alive:   A live-on support boat