1000 miles by foot over 8 weeks...

With spring well and truly with us, I set off from John O'Groats in April this year to walk through the Scottish mountains and English countryside to discover our wonderful country at a gentle pace.

With the aim of showing people that time is the one precious thing we all have the same amount of each day, I encouraged everyone to use their time a little more adventurously.

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From John O'Groats in Scotland I headed west until I hit Durness before turning south towards Lands End. Expected to take 8 weeks, covering an average of 20 miles a day, through 3 National Parks, things didn't quite go to plan.

Decidedly different from my #CycleGreatBritain route, which veered east from Chorley up to John O'Groats, I really enjoyed discovering the beautiful landscape in the west of Scotland and northern England.

When an injury saw me hauled up on crutches for 4 days in the Lake District, I not only discovered a love for the Lakes, but also found a determination to push on even when things looked like they might be over for my adventure.

Just a week after being on crutches I decided to go big or go home - cracking out more than a marathon for 6 days straight in order to make up this time I'd had off injured and managed to reach Lands End just 1 day behind schedule.

I was really keen to meet friendly faces en route and was lucky enough to have two lovely people come and find me from social media, plus countless occasions where complete strangers offered me a helping hand, tea and cake and even a bed for the night.




6 Kit Tips for a Long Walk

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When I was walking 70 miles along the Cam last year, it never occurred to me that I might walk the length of the country. I wonder where this adventure will propel me to next?





Live Route Tracker - see the actual route I took!


Photo credit: Fiona Quinn