A book club for the adventurously minded.

I'd love you to join us for some adventurous reads, a little cake and some awesome adventure planning.


Books can provide us with inspiration, insight and ideas, and they enable us to see worlds we would never have stumbled upon on our own.  They're a great place to explore new possibilities, consider how we might do things differently or how we would like to take an idea for an adventure, and make it our own.  But they seldom actually help us take the leap to get out there ourselves.

We created Book Club to be more than just inspiration.

This is where our community comes in. We help you take your ideas out of your note book and support you to get outside more often. We do this through online support in our private Facebook group, through our monthly meet ups and emails, and also through physically taking you out into the wild.

Having said all this, we still love reading and through the accountability that the Club gives you, it makes it much easier to finish a book every month when you know there’s a group of lovely people to discuss it.

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