What sets Fiona apart from other warm and friendly people is her calm sincerity. She quickly builds confidence and trust, which make her very successful both as a coach and an entrepreneur.
— Rod Newing, Freelance Writer
Fiona is a great captain. Be in her team if you want to find your way and stick to your goals.
— Paola Garbini, Director NOI Club
Fiona is never afraid of a new challenge. She’s always calm and considered, whilst being infectiously positive.
— Rowan Edwards, Property Entrepreneur
Fiona was a huge help in getting me to focus. She came up with some sound proposals and guided me towards seeing things from a different perspective.
— Lorna Barker
I’ve had the pleasure of hosting Fiona as a speaker at two different events - themed around finding personal freedom and fulfillment through meaningful work and creating your own business.

Fiona connects with the audience - her humor and matter-of-fact delivery make her extraordinary achievements relatable. It’s very difficult not to leave feeling both inspired, and ready to take action - she makes it seem simple, because it really is.

Her particular strength is connecting to the audience through Q&As - I’ve never seen her unable to give a compelling, well-thought out and insightful answer!
— Henry Blanchard, Uganda Marathon & Escape the City
Your talk was just great. Warm, personal and inspirational. You really opened our eyes to the possibilities offered by different lifestyle choices. Personally, I was inspired and have made a commitment to do Snowdon next year!
— Nick Rogers, Chair TEDx Kingston
Fiona is hard not to like and admire (for more than just her 1st class cake-eating skills) whilst listening to the physical and emotional ups and downs of a trip across Blighty. I look forward to the next installment when she’s back on her trusty 2-wheeled steed!
— Anna, Tales of Adventure