Because every microadventure should end in a Spa!

While adventure is often thrilling, immensely fun and can push a new limit, it can also be a way to unwind, relax and simply enjoy some down time. And what better way to recoporate on a microadventure than having it end with a session in the Spa.

Having found myself with some spare time between projects earlier in April, I immediately wanted to get adventure on the cards. But I also felt I needed a period of rest to get my body and mind back in shape before I run full steam ahead into my next project.

With this in mind I felt Bath calling. A beautiful historic city just over 2 hours from London with rolling countryside and a long tradition of being a get-away location, a date was soon in my diary. After putting a call out through the Say Yes More and Rebel Book Club I had some friendly faces to join me: Andy and Rod hopped in my car for the drive to Bath where we met up with Emma.

Four is a great number for a microadventure. We can keep things flexible and change plans at the last minute if we want to, while keeping everyone happy. It also means we get to spend time getting to know each other and having a proper chat. Spending a few hours deep in conversation with a handful of people can often be so much more rewarding than trying to work a room and get to know a huge number of new people all in one go. It creates deeper connections and slows the pace of life, perfect for the recuperating aim of the weekend.

The best way to explore somewhere new, I feel, is by bicycle. The open road, towpaths, specific cycling routes all allow you to traverse an area with little effort and at a relative speed, ensuring you get to discover far more than you would have done at walking pace or in some form of motorised transport. We headed along the canal and through the town before stopping at a pub for a well earned dinner and drink. Not much beats a glass of wine and a burger for warming you up and relaxing after a day out exploring.

Adventures are often a combination of exploring somewhere new and maintaining a level of comfort that enables the trip to be enjoyable. And this weekend microadventure would not have been the same without Emma. Her local knowledge made the whole adventure super simple. Not only had she booked the lovely pub for dinner but she’d scouted out a camping spot for that evening so there was no fumbling in the dark looking for a suitable hill — it was ready and waiting.

Once the boys had gotten creative with tarpaulins to create a very impressive shelter we bedded down for the night, to be woken in the morning by the fluttering of tarps in the wind and a beautiful sunrise over the valley below. And of course, it was now spa time!

Sleeping out with just a bivvy for protection is wonderful for connecting with nature and realising you don’t need half as much stuff as you think you do, it is also often a bit chilly and a dip in some warm water in the morning is eagerly anticipated. Be it a shower, bath or spa pool, a refreshing start to the day is a perfect end to a microadventure.

…perhaps the British summer will provide enough warmth for a spot of wild swimming later in the year! Who’s with me?!

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